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Issue 18


27 September 2022


United Nations Science Summit Biodiversity Plenary

The Biodiversity Plenary at the 77th United Nations General Assembly Science Summit was convened by LifeWatch ERIC and GBIF on 16 September. It brought together representatives from governments, Research Infrastructures and data repositories, with demonstrations of collaborative research systems and innovative technologies to meet the challenge set by the SDGs, for better informed decision-making that is firmly rooted in science. The Plenary was streamed live and you can catch all the sessions on LifeWatchingTV!


News from the World of Research


LifeWatch ERIC is partnering in a new, EU-funded research project called MarineSABRES, which aims to address biodiversity loss caused by human activities.


During this 1-hour webinar from the BioDT project, attendees can learn about the project use cases and how they can help scientists in predicting future trends in the field.


LifeWatch ERIC staff were on hand at the ECSA59 conference to talk to attendees about invasive alien species and the LifeWatch ERIC VRE.


We have another round-up of news from LifeWatch Belgium, from plankton imagery, to updates on Aphia and WoRMS, to the brand new LifeWatch Data Cloud!


On 1 September, LifeWatch ERIC took part in the Biodiversa+ Data Interoperability and Harmonisation workshop, set up as part of the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030.


LifeWatch Greece coordinator, IMBBC, has launched a Citizen Science platform called Marine Creatures for the Horizon2020 project, Nautilos.


Science for All


Join LifeWatch Belgium on 5/10 for their annual event on biodiversity, where science meets citizens. This edition will focus on habitat mapping. Registrations close on 28/9!

LifeWatch ERIC's podcast 'A Window on Science' is back for a third season to explore practical applications of the LifeWatch ERIC VRE and the world of open science.

Photo of the Month

Thanks to WoRMS for this photo of two adorable specimens of Halichoerus grypus (grey seal), taken by Karl Van Ginderdeuren. Did you know that grey seals produce just one pup per year, already weighing around 14 kg at birth?


LifeWatch ERIC for Students


LifeWatch Italy and DiSTeBA are putting on a serious game competition at the '31st Conference of the Sea' in Gallipoli, using the Ecologicamente platform to teach young teens about sustainability.




Remember to check out our website regularly to see what jobs are on offer! We currently have two positions open in our Common Facility in The Netherlands and one position open in our Common Facility in Italy.


Upcoming Events


Biodiversity DT Project Use Case Webinar Online, 27 September

LifeWatch Belgium Biodiversity Day – Brussels, 5 October

TDWG 2022 Conference – Hybrid, Sofia, 17–22 October

Science Europe Open Science Conference – Hybrid, Brussels, 18–19 October

ICRI 2022 – Brno, 19–21 October

1st International Conference on FAIR Digital Objects – Leiden, 26–28 October

EOSC Symposium 2022 – Hybrid, Prague, 14–17 November

SFE2, GFÖ & EEF Joint Meeting – Hybrid, Metz, 21–25 November

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