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Issue 19


28 October 2022


Reflecting on the UNGA Science Summit

Watch the highlights video from the Biodiversity Plenary organised by LifeWatch ERIC and GBIF at the UNGA77 Science Summit to hear the perspectives of international organisations and government representatives on biodiversity and the SDGs – to keep in mind as we get closer to COP27!


News from the World of Research


A paper on Procambarus clarkii was published in LifeWatch ERIC's Collection of Data & Services Papers in the Biodiversity Data Journal.


Join the ALL-Ready project for its interactive regional workshop: “Accelerating the Agroecology Transition” in Seville!


LifeWatch Greece hosts a database of Mediterranean project biodiversity data, which has been added to the UNESCO GeoNode BioEco Portal!


MARBEFES (MARine Biodiversity & Ecosystem Functioning leading to Ecosystem Services) is the latest project involving the RI to launch.


Don't miss the EOSC Future Train-the-Trainer workshop "An active learning course on understanding & using EOSC".


The LifeWatch Belgium database Marine Regions has launched the first version of the Extended Continental Shelves dataset.


Science for All


Africa Zanella, LifeWatch ERIC International Gender Consultant, spoke at the High-Level Conference on Women for the Mediterranean.

Catch up on LifeWatch ERIC's podcast 'A Window on Science', on all major platforms. The latest episode is on LiDAR technology!


LifeWatch ERIC for Students


Film students have won a prize at the Prix Italia festival with "The Blue Crab", based on research carried out by LifeWatch ERIC and produced in its Multimedia Production Centre.


Institutional Bulletin


The Minister for Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy of the Junta de Andalucía visited LifeWatch ERIC’s ICT-Core.

LifeWatch ERIC networked with disruptive technology proponents at the PTE Disruptive B2B meeting on opportunities in the biotech sector.

The 2021 Activities Report is the comprehensive record of LifeWatch ERIC's operations– an invaluable reference on its mission and vision.

LifeWatch ERIC held "IberLifeWatch" at the IBERGRID 2022 Conference, with the aim of reinforcing Spanish-Portughese collaboration.


LifeWatch ERIC is a Research Infrastructure (RI), just one of the dozens established across Europe and internationally. But who makes RIs function? What do they do day in, day out? RIs are not just abstract logos, but bustling hubs of people working hard to make science more accessible for everyone. Watch the video to meet the team behind the LifeWatch ERIC Statutory Seat!




Keep up to date with our vacancies on our website! We currently have a range of positions open at the LifeWatch ERIC ICT-Core and Service Centre.


Upcoming Events


ALL-Ready Regional Workshop – Seville, 2 November

EOSC Symposium 2022 – Hybrid, Prague, 14–17 November

SFE2, GFÖ & EEF Joint Meeting – Hybrid, Metz, 21–25 November

European Big Data Value Forum 2022 – Prague, 21–23 November

EOSC Future Train-the-Trainer – Online, 21–24 November

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